SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”
― Wendy Piersall


SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh


LinkToRank is the leading SEO adviser in Bangladesh with world class experience in this arena.  Our expert can rank your website top in SERP! We can provide you the best service in affordable price. We are professional to our work & always provide you the best service for your business website.

SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh


As a leading SEO Expert we mainly help you to get your business top on search engine Ranking. If you need better ranking service in affordable price then we are your right choice. Our expert are dedicated to their work. Every expert in our team know how to drive more organic traffic. For your website ranking our team provide you organic Ranking service in reliable price. Organic service can rank your website for long term. No one can be able to drop your website easily. Our expert can create good content & high quality back-links for your website. High quality back links can rank you higher on search engine. Every-day our experts analyzes your website to get better result.

If you want to run a new online business then we are ready to build a new website for you. A successful website can increase your sell. For sell you need to rank your websites. To rank a website you need our professional expert services. A high quality website can make your business successful. If you want to build a highly successful website you need good Search Engine Optimization knowledge. As a Best SEO Service Company in Dhaka Bangladesh we are ready to work with you. Our affordable search engine optimization Service can build your website & ranked higher in search engine. So come to us & make a highly profitable business website with us.

We are always ready to work with you.

Why You Need an SEO Service Provider


If you want to establish your website on top on search engine, then you need an SEO Adviser. An expert can rank your website organically. It’s not an easy way to rank on the top of search engine. You need to work hard for rank. As a leading SEO consultant in Bangladesh we  know all search engine algorithm to rank a website. 

In this online world every company needs SEO Expert. Without ranking your website is treat as big zero. For increase your sell you need to get top on search engine. Search engine change their algorithm every year. SEO firm in Bangladesh knows about search engine algorithm. Now Google use more than 200 ranking factors. So it’s not an easy job to do. Our website services are norm designed for you. LINKTORANK is always ready to drive more targeted traffic for your website. You need professional SEO services provider & we knows how to rank a website organically.


Our Services

Best SEO Service Company in Dhaka Bangladesh
SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh
SEO firm in Bangladesh
professional SEO services provider

Keyword Research


Keyword is the most valuable part for search engine ranking. It can make or break your website. Best SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh knows how to select long tail buyer keyword for your website. Top SEO consultant in Bangladesh knows how to select proper keyword to increase your sell. We know the importance of keyword

SEO Consultant


Contact with an SEO Consultants is very much important for business strategy. Without consultants you cannot able to increase your sell. We have our own step by step guideline for our work. We know how to rank a website. Best SEO Consultant in Bangladesh will provide you the affordable service for your websites. For more contact our consultant team.

SEO Audits


Audits are very much important for your business website. Internet Marketing Expert in Bangladesh provides you the SEO Service in Bangladesh. Our audit team will find your website error & tell you how to fix error. They are ready to build your website foundation properly to increase your website traffic rapidly.

On Page SEO


Without on page you cannot increase your traffic. Search engine give extra credit on this site who has better on page engine optimization. Search Engine friendly article can rank your website easily. Our Company is ready to provide best on page service such as Meta, title tag, keyword density, robots.txt, webmaster etc.

SEO Expert Company in Bangladesh
SEO consultant in Bangladesh
Internet Marketing Expert in Bangladesh
SEO Service in Bangladesh

Link Building


Link building is the most great part to rank a website. SEO firm in Dhaka knows how to build high quality back-links. We can high page rank blog, Using article directory, Publish guest post with signature, Use info-graphics for better results, Posting on forum with signature etc.

Website Analysis


We love to analyze your website data to understand our improvement & how to improve more. SEO adviser in Bangladesh provides monthly reports on visibility, analytic and value, so that you can measure your investment & determine your goal. Contact us for more information about web analysis.

Content Marketing


Best Content marketing is the most valuable part for website ranking.  Its says content is king. High quality content will turn visitors into sell. Our expert is very experienced in their field. They know how to create a proper content for increase your sell. We are the best content marketer.



Social media marketing is very important to grab more traffic for your website. Our team understands the importance of SMM. Social media marketing team can help you expand your message across all social media platforms. We can grab more traffic from SMM.

The Ranking Factor in 2016 What We Follow to Ranking Your Website.

White Hat SEO Services | SEO Specialist

Link To Rank is provides the best white hat SEO Services.  Our Service is follows search engine guidelines. Our specialist is following the legal terms and condition of Google or other search engines. So that, we can put your website on top search engine like Google, yahoo & Bing for long term. Our Services can make your website user friendly so that the entire search engine in the online world can easily find your website & add extra points to your website.

Linktorank is one of best Bangladesh SEO Company who can work for guaranteed service for your website. Do you need best SEO in Bangladesh? Then we are the best SEO specialist for your personal or business website. In this online world its not enough to provide enough information to your website. You need to rank your website first page on search engine using white hat SEO services.

SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh is your trasted SEO Service provider.

We are ready to helps you to make your website more resourceful. As a  best SEO consultant in Bangladesh we will provide you the proper guideline about how to write a search engine friendly content. Recently search engine algorithms all specialist says content is king. As a one of the best Expert Company we also provide better content for your website.

Title & Meta Tags | Bangladesh SEO Company


Title & Meta tags plays an important role to rank a website. Proper Title & Meta tags can plays an important role to rank a website. As a better SEO firm in Bangladesh we know the importance of title & Meta tags. So we will always suggest you or we will optimize your title & Meta tags.

Search engine friendly URL also very important to rank on top. When we publish a post we make your URL search engine friendly & take extra points for rank. Take a look of a search engine friendly URL:

We know how to use keyword. All specialists will suggest you to keep your keyword on

  • Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Heading Elements
  • <H1>
  • <H2>
  • <H2>
  • Text
  • Alt Tag
  • Title Tag
  • Links

Inbound & outbound link also plays an important role to rank a website. Our company is always suggesting you to give outbound link to authority site. We suggest you about how to optimize a inbound link.

Advice: when you are ready provide a job to any SEO specialist you need to be careful. There are a lot of company provide SEO service in Bangladesh. You need to work with best one. Take care & best SEO company Bangladesh who ranked on search engine for different keyword.

How to Do On-page SEO | SEO Services Bangladesh

On-page SEO is very much important in recent search engine algorithm update. Properly On-page optimize content rank your website in top on search engine. 70% of ranking factors depends on on-page SEO. We heard about Meta tags & keyword for long term.


How to optimize a SEO friendly Content


SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh will suggest you about how to write a SEO friendly content. Here SEO Adviser will provide you about step by step guideline about how to write a search engine friendly content.

Step-1: Create Title Using Keyword

Title plays an important role to rank a website. Our Team knows the importance of a title. Use keyword first on your title & then add some related word about your content.

It is very important to make your content strong.

SEO Service Provider

Step-2: Create Search Engine Friendly URL

Internet Marketing Expert in Bangladesh knows the values about using Keyword on URL. That will add some extra points to your website.

Do not use ugly URL.

Best SEO Company in Bangladesh

Step-3: Importance of H1 Tags

Search engine always give some extra points who using their keyword on H1 tags. We always takes care about using H1 tags.

So our website is always top on Search engine for different Keyword.

It’s very important.

SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh

Step-4: Using Multimedia

SEO service in Bangladesh is knows about importance of using multimedia. Multimedia makes your website more informative. It will also reduce your websites bounce rate & give you some extra points. So try to use some info-graphics video & image on your website.

If you visit any SEO expert website then you will know they use a lot of image video info-graphics & multimedia to their websites.

Step-5: Optimize Your Subheadings with Keyword

A subheading plays some important role to rank. If you use a keyword like “SEO Bangladesh” try to keep it on your subheadings. If you ready my website carefully then you will notice that I use my keyword “SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh” on H2 & H3 tags.

Keep keyword on H2 & H3 tags is a great technique of SEO.


Step-6: keep Your Keyword on First Paragraph

It’s very important to keep your keyword in first 100 words. It’s very good if you keep your keyword in first 50 words. Let's take a look of my first paragraph for example.

It’s not enough to keep it on first 100 words. Do it naturally.

SEO Service Provider

Step-7: Make a Responsive Website

SEO firm in Dhaka knows the importance of responsive websites. Google now started penalizing unresponsive.

Take a look my website on mobile then you will notice that how I develop my websites.

seo service in bangladesh

Step-8: Use Outbound Links

Outbound links plays an important role to rank a website. It’s most easiest way to get more points from Google. Always give outbound links to authority websites. Its now easy for Google understands your website info.

I use outbound links for several times.

SEO Service Provider

Step-9: Inbound links for get more value

Use internal links for your websites. Internal links is important & every SEO experts love internal linking. Wikipedia is great example of using internal linking. Do your with relevant content.

As a well known SEO Company in Bangladesh we use internal links in every page at least 4-5 times.

SEO Service Provider

Step-10:  Increase Your Website Speed

Try to boost up your website. SEO Specialist knows how to boost up your website speed. Try to use faster hosting, optimize your image & CSS.

One of the best SEO Consultant is here to help you to boost up your website speed.

We always suggest using premium hosting for better result.

Best SEO Company in Bangladesh

Step-11:  Importance of LSI Keyword

LSI keyword means some related keyword of your main keyword. LSI keyword shows the relevancy of your content.

If you write a long article related keyword automatically add on your content. To make it perfect search with your main keyword & scroll down to view.

Such as my main keyword is “SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh” & LSI keyword you found at the bottom of search engine.

SEO service provider in Bangladesh

Step 12: Proper Image Optimization

Proper image optimization is another important factor to rank a website. Always use ALT tag for your image using keyword.

Create image name using keyword.

SEO adviser in Bangladesh

Step 12: Use Social Share Plug-in

Social signal is very important for a website. Always share your post on social media. Use a social share button for your website. Social share plug-in can help you to increase your sharing more then 500%.

This will definitely add value for your website. It will give you indirect ranking.

SEO adviser in Bangladesh

Step-13: Post Long & User Friendly Content

Our SEO adviser knows the value of posting long tail content. Search engine loves informative & long content. Length is strength.

Keep your article easy to read. Google love informative long article. Create long article at least 4000 words.

SEO Service Provider

Off-Page SEO Techniques


As a best SEO Company in Bangladesh  knows the importance of off-page SEO. We know the importance of create high quality back-links.

As a best SEO Specialist in Bangladesh we know the importance of create high quality back-links. Related back-links add extra points for your websites.

Now I will show you how to get related back-links.

Rule-1: USE Social Networks

Use some popular social networking sites to add power on your websites. Always active on social media & create some post about your website.

Try to share your post.

SEO adviser in Bangladesh

Rule-2: Always Active on Blogging

Blogging is another effective way to add more value to your website. Write some unique post on your blog creates some back-links & then link back to your websites.

It’s a great way to rank top on Google.

SEO service company in bangladesh

Rule-3: Active on Forum

There is a lot of forum where you can gather do-follow back-links. Create some friends on forum & start a topic about your website keyword. Some forum allows do-follow signature.

Use other topic to get more back-links.

search engine Optimisation

Rule-4: Search Engine Submission

Submit your websites on different search engine. This will add some extra points for your websites. You can use to submit your website on various search engines.

SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh is very much experienced to submit a website on various search engines.

SEO Service in Bangladesh

Rule-5: Submit your websites on Directory

Directory submission is a great way to rank a website. Our company knows how to a website on popular directory.

Select related category & post 100 words article & publish it.

SEO firm in Dhaka

Rule-6: Do Some Social Bookmarking using White Hat Method

Social bookmarking is another important way to gave more power to your websites. Do not spam on social bookmarking site. Work with some high page rank does follow social bookmarking sites.

You can contact with SEO firm in Bangladesh for the list of do-follow social bookmarking sites.

SEO Keyword Research

Rule-7: Exchange Your Links with Authority Website

Proper Link exchange is the best way to get more valuable back-links. It’s now one of the popular ways to get back-links.

SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh Knows how to exchange links with authority sites.

SEO Service Provider

Rule-8: Works with Image Sharing Site

Image sharing site is another great way to drive more organic traffic. Upload best photo related to your website. Share your photo on your social account. Find some do-follow photo sharing site for better result.

SEO Service in Bangladesh

Rule-9: Use Video Sharing Sites

Best SEO Company in Bangladesh always uses some high quality video sharing site to grab more targeted traffic. This will be helping you to rank your websites on search engines. Use quality video sharing sites with high quality video.

Internet Marketing Expert in Bangladesh

Rule-10: Write Review About Your Websites

Reviews play an important role to rank a websites. Write a review about your websites & take a back-links from these sites for more ranking points. Link to rank has a great collection of business review sites.

SEO Expert Company in Bangladesh

Rule-11: List Your Websites on Local Listing Sites & Yellow Pages

Local listing plays an important role for a business websites. Its helps you to increase your rank on local & Google loves local listing. It’s easy to rank on search engine.

Local site ranking is very easy. Yellow pages can help you to rank your websites. SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh Know how to list a website.

professional SEO services provider

Rule-12: Works with Article Submission Sites

Article submission sites is a great source of create deep back-linking. SEO Expert Service Provider knows to value of publish an article on article submission sites. Work with some do-follow article submission sites.

Internet Marketing Expert in Bangladesh has a great collection of article submission sites.

SEO firm in Bangladesh

Rule-13:  Classifieds Submission for More Value

Classifieds submission is very much important for rank a websites. There are a lot of Classifieds Submission sites in online world.

Go for those who will keep your websites for long term to their sites.

SEO Expert Service Provider

Rule-14: Work With Answering Sites

Professional SEO service provider knows the value of posting on answering sites. Do not spamming in this site then they will increase your link popularity.

Keep active on these sites for better result.

SEO firm in Dhaka

Rule-15: Importance of Document Sharing

Document sharing sites is another great way to brand your websites. SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh has a huge collection of documents sharing sites.

Make your website a brand.

Best SEO Service Company in Dhaka Bangladesh

You need to be careful when you ready to link building. Do not spam. If you face any problem then contact SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh. We would love to hear from you.

So what are you waiting for?

Check out what we can do for you?

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